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1). Candy buy back

This is a big thing for dental offices and even some businesses! Companies (and dentists) will buy Halloween candy from kids for $1.00 a pound and then send the candy off to troops over-seas. This is a great way to limit the amount of candy your child consumes without making them feel distraught since they get money out of it. And who doesn’t like money?! It also teaches them a lot about giving and could introduce a conversation about prioritizing. Check out www.halloweencandybuyback.com to find a candy buy-back happening near you!

2). Get creative with snacks

Fruits and veggies don’t have to be boring! Get creative and put together a fun, spooky scene on a plate made up of healthful foods for your kids. (Pinterest is great for ideas and inspiration on this!) Incorporate a piece of candy into the scene (the plate) and this way your kid(s) can get more excited about eating nourishing foods. It’s important to keep nutrient-dense foods prominent in your kid’s diet especially during Halloween season when he or she is eating more sugar and candy than usual. This will also teach your kids early-on that while treating yourself is completely okay, it’s important to balance out sugary treats with healthy foods for optimal health.

3). Spread appreciation throughout the community

It may be a fun activity to have your kids create goodie bags for important people in the community, or important people to your family. Have them hand-write letters of appreciation for the fire department, the police department, their teachers, animal shelter workers etc., and deliver the letters in-person with a Halloween candy goodie-bag! You can also deliver candy to homeless shelters, and hospitals. This can be a fun family event that teaches your kids about appreciation and giving back!

4). Candy Fairy

The Candy Fairy is the Tooth Fairy’s best friend. She helps the Tooth Fairy pick up the best teeth possible by trading candy for toys! Similar to how the Tooth Fairy exchanges teeth for money, the Candy Fairy will visit at night and take any candy left out for her and leave a surprise behind.  She may leave toys behind or stickers or family event tickets…really anything fun, and the more candy that is left out for her, the better the surprise! This will be an exciting way to get your kids to give up some of their candy without being upset about it and will add even more thrill to the Halloween Holiday!

Halloween is known for over-indulging on candy, but it doesn’t need to be that way. As a healthcare professional, you can help set a great example to a lot of people. Halloween can still be fun and candy-centered even with a focus on staying healthy. Some of the ideas above even go beyond health and expand out into creating a better and happier community. If we can create some of that out of a holiday that traditionally leaves kids with belly-aches, cavities, and far more sugar than their body should ever need to handle, then we may be able to be the tip of the sword that makes even just a little bit of a difference in this world, one community at a time 😊.

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