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Top Surg Techs Have these 3 Qualities!

Being a surg tech can be incredibly rewarding; but it is no easy task. There are key qualities that the most highly sought after surg techs possess.  If you want to be the kind of surg tech that every hospital and surgeon wants to work with, here’s what you should be able to do… Have

Beat the fatigue during your next night shift!

There are plenty of ways to work through the night shift that are as simple as fueling your body a certain way, staying active throughout your shift, and getting good-quality sleep! This sounds pretty obvious (and it is), so let’s get into the specifics… Fuel your body right! Fatty foods such as walnuts and avocados and salmon

4 Ways to Balance Fun Tradition and Healthy Decisions on Halloween

1). Candy buy back This is a big thing for dental offices and even some businesses! Companies (and dentists) will buy Halloween candy from kids for $1.00 a pound and then send the candy off to troops over-seas. This is a great way to limit the amount of candy your child consumes without making them

3 Things to Consider When Searching For Your Dream Job

1. What are your strengths? Whether you’re building a resume or sitting in front of an interviewer, this is your opportunity to sell yourself so be sure to lead with your strengths! Do you have any extra certifications? Is there something you’re exceptionally good at? Have you received any awards or achievements? Is there something

Why Per Diem Work Can Be Right For You

Working on an as-needed basis has some great perks. Whether you’ve got a couple years of experience or are a seasoned professional, per diem could be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Here are some things about per diem work that deserve recognition…   Work-life AND financial balance! One of the best parts

Best Ways to Increase Productivity in 2018

Whether you’re a healthcare professional or any other kind of professional, productivity can benefit you, your career, your organization, and even your patients or clients. At the start of another new year, many people want to make positive changes in their lives to make 2018 the best one yet. Being more productive in any aspect